Community Chat is now back online

Greetings everyone,

Our KobbleStones Community Chat is back up and now provided through NowTalk.

You will find it when you arrive at our site in the lower right corner of the screen.
(login is required for using – social login is avavaible in the chat window or chat can be
automatically accessed is you have logged in to KobbleStones.

Yours in Service,
Webmaster" data-counter-url="">

Rant and Rave Forum reactivated


The Rant and Rave forum has been reactivated.


It was originally shut down do to hole in the code
that allowed tons of unwanted spam. All fixed :)

Note: all the old posts have been removed.

Yours in Service,

PS- Social Login through Facebook is recommended." data-counter-url="">

KobbleStones Update 9-30-2014

Greetings Everyone,

Just a little note.

We had to remove (delete permanently) 3200 posts and comments from the KobbleStones database. These were mostly just link type posts. Unfortunately, the database needed maintenance and these had to be removed.

We are sorry for the inconvenience.

Yours in Service,
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