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HAPPY YULE (Winter Solstice) to ALL of our Family & Friends and Many Bright Blessings to ONE & ALL !


KobbleStones Update – 12-12-2014 – missing archives (FOUND)

Hello Everyone, Just wanted to throw out a quick note. While doing some general cleanup of boxes. We came across a bunch of old floppies (5.25) and 3 data cassette tapes. We had thought the contents were already in the main archives; but apparently not. These files include so far discovered many of the missing […]


KobbleStones Update 11-23-2014 1

Greetings Everyone! Had a lot of improvements to KobbleStones. Better cross-browser compatibility A myriad of security and patch updates to the core of WordPress A New responsive theme which is brighter and easier to read Added (still in beta) Meme generator Added a couple other miscellaneous games under extras (Puzzles, Blackjack) Added and updated several […]


Important Webmail Update 11-4-2014

Greetings, KobbleStones WebMail has been updated. All tests show things are working as they should. If you happen to experience an error – Please drop the webmaster@kobblestones.com (me) a quick note via text/voice or use our contact form which can be found on any page on the site. If there is something urgent you need […]


Community Chat is OFFLINE due to possible security vulnerability

Community Chat is OFFLINE due to possible security vulnerability We will update when we know more. As a side note. Greetings everyone, Our KobbleStones Community Chat is back up and now provided through NowTalk. You will find it when you arrive at our site in the lower right corner of the screen. (login is required […]


Rant and Rave Forum reactivated

Greetings, The Rant and Rave forum has been reactivated. URL: http://www.kobblestones.com/banter/ It was originally shut down do to hole in the code that allowed tons of unwanted spam. All fixed Note: all the old posts have been removed. Yours in Service, Webmaster PS- Social Login through Facebook is recommended.


KobbleStones Update 10-19-2014

Greetings Everyone, Updates all around for the site – too numerous to list (so check it out). The new theme is semi-permanent while we test a new flash version of the whole site. Many new additions to the IN-house archives. (in PDF) Yours in Service WebMaster


KobbleStones Update 9-30-2014

Greetings Everyone, Just a little note. We had to remove (delete permanently) 3200 posts and comments from the KobbleStones database. These were mostly just link type posts. Unfortunately, the database needed maintenance and these had to be removed. We are sorry for the inconvenience. Yours in Service, WebMaster


2014-05-17 12:14:29

Yeah bridge finally setup …5G Wi-Fi service to the whole yard …